Barn Door Hinges

You don’t think about barn door hinges until your barn door doesn’t function properly or safely. If you can’t open the barn doors open wide enough to get your tractor in and bales of hay out, you’ve got a problem. Fortunately, Marlboro Manufacturing has barn door hinges. We understand that barn doors have to remain functional day in and day out. Getting the correct hinge means your barn door functions correctly and safely.

Marlboro Manufacturing Stocks Barn Door Hinges

At Marlboro, we provide the hinges needed for your barn door, large or small. From heavy-duty strap hinges, to easy-install slip-joint or takeaway hinges, to customizable continuous hinges in many sizes, we can help. We also can provide hinges with style in mind for those who want a functional, eye-pleasing hinge.

Marlboro Fabricates Custom Barn Door Hinges

Should you browse our selection and discover we don’t have the hinges necessary for your barn door, we are happy to provide custom solutions. You can specify almost every facet of a hinge’s attributes:

  • Length
  • Width (both leaf width and open hinge width)
  • Knuckle length
  • Pin diameter
  • Material
  • Finish

In addition, you can work with a hinge specialist to specify unique solutions, including:

  • Custom piercing
  • Notching and slotting
  • Bending
  • Multi-pins and multi-leafs
  • Other customization features

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Need more information? Have questions about our stocked inventory of barn door hinges? We’d be happy to discuss your hinge requirements with you. Contact us to speak with a hinge expert.

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Ready to order replacement barn door hinges? Need a better idea of how much custom barn door hinges for your project will cost? Request a quote for barn door hinges. Marlboro Manufacturing takes pride in fabricating and stocking high quality, durable, and attractive hinges. Let us show you the many options we have available.

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