Cabinet Door Hinges

Cabinets can be functional, beautiful, or both. The cabinet door hinges should reflect and complement the cabinet’s design—they’re strictly functional, mostly beautiful, or both. Functionally, the cabinet door hinges must accommodate the height, weight, and the attachment type of the cabinets. Aesthetically, the cabinet door hinges should complement and reflect the style and finish of the cabinets.

Marlboro Manufacturing Stocks Functional and Beautiful Hinges

Whether you’re building cabinets from the ground up or replacing hinges on existing cabinets, Marlboro Manufacturing offers many types of butt hinges for cabinet doors. Our wide selection of hinges includes those for cabinet doors mounted on face frame or frameless cabinets. Marlboro also fabricates custom hinges for unique projects.

Marlboro Fabricates Custom Cabinet Hinges

From plain to decorative and from large to small, we stock the hinges you need. But if we don’t have the hinge you need in stock, we will manufacture custom hinges for your application. For a cost-effective solution, it’s possible to customize a stocked butt hinge. When only a unique configuration will suffice, we will fabricate a hinge to your exact specifications.

Work with a Marlboro Hinge Specialist

Whether you’re looking for a standard hinge that we regularly stock or need a completely customized solution, a Marlboro hinge specialist is here to help. To discuss your project’s requirements, gather the following information:

  • Desired hinge length
  • Hinge leaf width
  • Hinge open width
  • Knuckle length
  • Pin diameter
  • Hinge, pin, and bushings metal preference
  • Piercing, bending, or other custom configuration requirements

Our hinge specialist will work with you to determine the most cost-effective solution.

Contact Us for Cabinet Door Hinges

At Marlboro Manufacturing, we’re here to help you find the best cabinet door hinge solution. To learn more about the hinges we stock or can fabricate, contact us or shop our collection of hinges for cabinet doors.

Request a Quote

If you’d like to create a beautifully functional cabinet door hinge for your project, we’d love the opportunity to work with you. Simply request a quote. Include as much information about your project and hinge requirements as possible. One of our hinge specialists will prepare a comprehensive quote.

At Marlboro, we know and love hinges. We look forward to hearing about your project!

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