Commercial Bus Hinges

Large public transportation vehicles have many demands. Vehicles of this type and size, especially commercial buses, must run well in order to avoid costly down time and repairs. While broken or old hinges may not seem like a big problem, neglecting them could lead to extensive repairs.

Commercial bus hinges on doors and compartments take a lot of abuse with the continuous use day in and day out. Broken hinges can mean not only downtime and lost revenue, but also possible injury to passengers or the driver.

Maintain Commercial Bus Hinges

Finding the problem before the hinge breaks is critical to keeping commercial busses online and running. Replacement hinges can be ordered and replaced at a regular maintenance visit if the problem is seen in advance. Frequent inspections should be made to check hinges for:

  • Rust
  • Corrosion
  • Blockage
  • Damage

Get the Right Replacement Commercial Bus Hinges

It is important to get the right replacement. It needs to be of a required grade as well as the right size and style. At Marlboro Hinge, we carry several types of commercial bus hinges.

In case you can’t locate a hinge from our site, we also make custom hinges to fit.

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