Electrical Enclosure Hinges

Often overlooked during design and manufacturing, electrical enclosure hinges define the functionality of and provide a level of safety for a quality enclosure. Poorly designed or cheaply made hinges will not withstand the demands of regular use. Regardless of the electrical enclosure’s final application and installation, be it used to mount switches, displays, or knobs, or installed in an industrial wall or commercial machinery, if the hinges fail, the enclosure is rendered useless or unsafe. Fortunately, it is possible to replace or repair faulty electronic enclosure hinges.

Replacement electrical enclosure hinges

Marlboro Manufacturing designs and manufacturers quality hinges for electrical enclosures. From continuous hinges of all sizes to strap hinges, Marlboro stocks a large selection so that you’re sure to find the necessary electrical enclosure hinge for every project or repair. Whether your enclosure is made of metal, plastic, or wood, our inventory is designed to deliver.

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Customizable electrical enclosure hinges

In the event that our inventory of standard electrical enclosure hinges doesn’t include just what you need, we offer customized hinge solutions. With your measurements and specifications, our engineers will design an electrical enclosure hinge specifically for your application. For projects where the enclosure is designed to be both utilitarian and pleasing to the eye, we can customize your hinges in many finishes.

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When you need to repair or replace the hinges on your electrical enclosures, look to Marlboro. Request a quote for any of our stocked hinges or for the customization of hinges for your unique electrical enclosure.

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