Horse Trailer Hinges

Horse trailers are essential vehicles that often have to function well for thousands of miles. If a hinge needs replaced or repaired, it is important to do so quickly. Damaged or faulty hinges can not only lead to costly repairs and down time, but also pose danger to animal and tow. These hinges should be regularly checked for rust, corrosion, obstructions and damage to insure the safety of both the animals inside and those towing the trailer.

Prepare to Replace Your Horse Trailer Hinges

If you find a hinge that needs replaced, gather the following information:

  1. Hinge location – The location will tell you the function of the hinge. Is it on the loading ramp, the auxiliary door, or the horse entrance/exit?
  2. Hinge type – Is it a weld-on hinge, a strap hinge, a continuous hinge, or some other kind?
  3. Hinge dimensions – Determine the measurements of the hinge, diameter of the pin, and the number of bolt holes?
  4. Hinge material –Is it made of aluminum, stainless steel, or galvanized steel? What is the material to which it is fastened?

Use this information to place your order for a new replacement hinge from Marlboro Hinge or request a custom hinge.

Contact Us Today for New Horse Trailer Hinges

In addition to weld-on hinges, continuous hinges of all sizes and more, we also offer custom hinges for all sizes of trailers. If we don’t have the hinge to match your damaged one, we can custom make it. We carry over 400 hinges in stock and ship them the same day. We can get you up and running again quickly.

Begin shopping our inventory now, or contact us with your questions.

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