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A Supplier-Distributor Relationship Built On Trust & Loyalty


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 Industrial Hardware Distributors Inc.


  • Butt hinges
  • Continuous hinges
  • Lift off hinges
  • Slip joint hinges
  • Strap hinges
  • Weld on hinges


About the partnership:

 Industrial Hardware, located in Akron, Ohio, has been a leading supplier and distributor of industrial hardware supplies since 1978 and has had a strong partnership with Marlboro Manufacturing since the beginning. Like Marlboro, Industrial Hardware is committed to providing customers with quality products—they even have their own “Quality Policy” that they have stood by for decades.

Marlboro supplies the company with an array of industrial hinges and even custom hinges when requested by a customer. In addition to hinges, Industrial Hardware also supplies door hardware, drawer slides, gaskets, hood latches, truck vents and much more to a variety of industries such as medical, agricultural, construction, truck and trailer and more.


 “The partnership with Marlboro started out of friendship and remains strong today because of their loyalty to us. Above all, the customer service is excellent. If a customer comes to us looking for a custom hinge, we can count on Marlboro to manufacture and supply it with a fast turnaround.”

Jeannie Angel
Vice President / Secretary-Treasurer, Industrial Hardware









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