Tool Box Hinges

Tool box hinges can be replaced to prolong the life of your toolbox.

Your toolbox often is the most important storage solution for your hobby equipment, repair tools, or business instruments. As a storage solution, your toolbox must withstand the demands of hobbies, repairs, and business tasks while remaining functional. Unfortunately, functionality is compromised when the weakest component of your toolbox, its hinge, is damaged. When tool box hinges are damaged, toolboxes are rendered useless. Rather than buy a new toolbox, consider replacing damaged hinges. When you need new or replacement tool box hinges for this all-important storage unit, Marlboro Manufacturing can help.

Find tool box hinges in stock.

Find the tool box hinges you need to repair your toolbox at Marlboro Manufacturing. Browse information about our hinges on our website, or contact us to learn more about our stocked hinge availability. Our inventory includes multiple lengths, widths, and gauges of continuous hinges (also known as piano hinges) in many materials, including stainless steel, aluminum, and steel with brass bushings. Our hinges are built for durability and functionality and are suitable for wood or metal toolboxes of all kinds.

Order customized tool box hinges.

Contact us to speak with a design engineer to create a custom tool box hinge for your application. Whether you need simple modifications to a stocked hinge that you found on our website, such as notching or specialized hole placement, or a unique hinge created to your exact specifications, Marlboro Manufacturing can meet your needs. Include information about the dimensions, gauge, materials, and finish required for your unique project, and we’d be happy to fabricate a hinge for it.

Request a quote.

After viewing the options available in our stocked continuous hinges or deciding that customized hinges would best meet the unique needs of your project, request a quote.

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