Truck Body Hinges

Trucks take a beating, especially those used for hauling and maintenance work. Some of the damage from the vibrations endured by your truck doesn’t affect its usefulness. However, the long-term effects of working in rough conditions can damage truck body hinges. When your truck needs new or replacement hinges, it is often a matter of utmost urgency to get exactly the hinge required so that you can continue to use your truck safely.

Find truck body hinges at Marlboro Manufacturing.

At Marlboro, we offer many types of heavy-duty truck body hinges, including continuous hinges, weld-on hinges, strap hinges, and slip-joint hinges. Browse the selection of our stocked hinges right here on our website. You’ll find information about the dimensions, gauges, and materials available for each hinge type. We’re available by phone or email to answer any questions you have about the hinges we keep in inventory.

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Have custom truck body hinges fabricated by Marlboro Manufacturing.

When a standard hinge won’t fit a unique feature on your truck, have a custom truck body hinge designed and manufactured. Contact us to speak with an engineer about the specific needs of your project. Many of our stocked hinges can be customized to keep the solution affordable. If, after speaking with an engineer, you determine that you’d like us to create an original hinge design, we can do so. We’ll work from your dimension, gauge, and material specifications to create exactly the hinge required to complete your project.

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When you need to replace any of the hinges on your truck, look no further than Marlboro Manufacturing. Request a quote for any of our durable in-stock hinges or to have customized hinges fabricated to your unique specifications.

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