Window Hinges

Broken windows pose safety and possibly financial issues. A window with a broken hinge jeopardizes the security of your home or business. A window with a malfunctioning hinge compromises the tight seal that protects a building’s interior from outdoor elements. Secure and protect your home or business with window hinges from Marlboro Manufacturing. We have several window hinges available in stock or can fabricate custom window hinges to your specifications.

Marlboro Manufacturing has a Host of Replacement Window Hinges

  • Butt hinges Butt hinges are usually designed in equal lengths and widths (e.g., 3” wide by 3” long when open). They are available in steel, stainless steel, or aluminum in multiple gauges, with fixed or removable pins, and with or without piercings or holes. The standard finish for butt hinges is a mill finish.
  • Strap hinges Strap hinges are designed with two unequal hinge leaves; one leaf is longer and narrower than the other. The center of a typical three-knuckle strap hinge is larger than the equally sized end knuckles. Our strap hinges are available in heavy-gauge stainless steel and are finished in a bright polish finish. We have six HTD strap hinge models and seven HTB models of strap hinges in stock.
  • Slip-joint hinges Similar to a butt hinge without a take-apart feature, slip-joint hinges have a male leaf with a fixed pin and a female leaf without a pin. They can be fabricated in either a right- or left-hand configuration. Like the butt hinge, slip-joint hinges are available in a variety of materials and gauges in a standard mill finish.
  • Custom hinges Marlboro can design and fabricate hinges to your specifications. Contact us to speak with a hinge professional about your project, and let us help you create customized window hinges.

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Shop our selection now, then request a quote for replacement window hinges. Or, contact us with any questions you may have. At Marlboro Manufacturing, we’re here to help!

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