Standard Hinge Terminology

Consistent with our mission statement and philosophy, at Marlboro we aim to arm each of our clients with the information they need to make educated and informed decisions when they are choosing to order industrial hinges. We’ve found that for large and small needs alike, it’s important to be equipped with an excellent understanding of the hinge terminology associated with industrial type hinges.

The thickness of a hinge leaf.
The portion of a hinge extending laterally from the knuckle and which usually revolves around a pin.
The dimension from the center of the pin to the outer edge of the leaf.
HINGE WIDTH (same as open width)
The overall dimension of the leaves measured perpendicular to, or across, the pin.
Rod running the length of the hinge. The pin holds the leaves of the hinge together.
The hollow circular part at the joint of a hinge through which a pin is passed. The knuckle is often called a loop, joint, node or curl.
The nominal or typical dimension of the knuckle measured parallel to the pin.
The length of the leaves measured parallel to the pin.
The dimension from a point on the knuckle to the same point on an adjacent knuckle on the same leaf.
The minimum dimension between the outer face of the knuckle and the opposing edge of the cutout over the hinge's entire range of pivotal movement.
The amount of axial movement between the leaves.

Standard Hinges - Plain StandardThis is a surface-type hinge. The leaves lie flat in the same plane when in the open position. Unless otherwise indicated, this type of  hinge will be furnished.

The forming of one or both leaves toward or beyond the center of the pin, swaging slightly increases leaf width. Standard Hinges - Swaging
Both leaves are swaged approximately one-half the pin diameter with a minimum clearance between leaves when parallel. Standard Hinges - Both Leaves Swaged
One leaf swaged one half the pin diameter. Standard Hinges - One Leaf Half Swaged
One leaf swaged equal to the pin diameter and both leaves parallel when in a closed position. Standard Hinges - One Leaf Swaged
One leaf swaged to simulate reverse assembly. Leaves will not close to a parallel position. Standard Hinges - Reversed Swaged
Forming one or both leaves away from the center of the pin. Offsetting slightly decreases leaf width. Standard Hinges - Offset
A hinge manufactured to limit the travel of the leaves to a specified angle. Standard Hinges - Stop
Leaves will open from a closed position, leaves parallel to each other, to a stop angle as specified.


Leaves move from an open or flat position and stop at a specified angle.  Standard Hinges - Stop Arc