Outside Stop Hinge

Outside stop hinges are one of two configurations of stop hinges offered by Marlboro Manufacturing. This type of hinge limits the operation of the hinge leaves to the desired angle; that is, leaves move from an open or flat position to stop at a specified angle, with the pin on the outside of the door or panel. The most common stop angle for an outside stop hinge is 90°.

Outside stop hinges are used for a variety of applications including:

Stocked outside stop hinges

Marlboro Manufacturing stocks several configurations of outside stop hinges. With a variety of materials and finishes, leaf gauges, pin diameters, knuckle lengths, and leaf lengths available, we probably have exactly what you need available for immediate delivery.

Semi-customized outside stop hinges

It is possible to customize a stock outside stop hinge to meet common semi-customized specifications for your application. Cost-effective customization options for stocked hinges include notching, bending, and piercing requirements.

Fully customized outside stop hinges

Marlboro Manufacturing also fabricates completely custom outside stop hinge solutions for unique applications. It is possible to customize nearly every hinge feature, including hinge length, closing angle if more or less than 90°, leaf gauge, pin diameter, knuckle length, leaf width, piercing size and placement, and hinge material and finish.

Contact us for additional information about our outside stop hinges

Ask about the fabrication choices or customization options for our outside stop hinges. Allow us to help you determine the specifications required for your particular project. Find out how a semi-customized solution can be very cost effective. We’re here to help.

Request a quote for outside stop hinges

Request a quote for a comprehensive cost estimate and timeline for product delivery. Whether you need immediate delivery of stocked outside stop hinges or a completely customized outside stop hinge solution fabricated in our facility, we’ll review your specifications, special instructions or requirements, and technical drawings to provide a quote.

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