From large commercial boats to family recreational boats, we serve the marine industry with an extensive collection of high grade hinges for doors, hatches, fishing boxes, cabinets, enclosures and more, all suitable for highly corrosive areas. Let Marlboro Hinge provide you with a good solution for your marine applications.

Whether on the deck, in the hatch, in the galley or in the boat cabin, Marlboro Hinge provides boaters with the highest quality boat hardware at low prices. All our cabin and galley products are designed to look good as well as withstand harsh marine environments at the same time!

We can recommend non-corrosive marine-grade hinges to keep your equipment in top working order. Highly durable aluminum or steel butt hinges and strong long-lasting door hinges are readily available for marine applications. They are manufactured in a variety of finishes. If you can't find the exact hinge solution you need, we can always create a custom hinge to suit your unique application. We ship hinges to customers worldwide.

Doing business with Marlboro Hinge is simple and easy. We satisfy our customers through total quality performance. Our customer service will go above and beyond to meet your every need.

When you require a special custom boat hinge, please submit, along with your order or inquiry, a drawing or sketch with complete dimensions and information on how the hinge will be used. We are glad to satisfy your request.

Start shopping today; we're happy to answer any questions you may have as well.

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