Railroad Cars

Marlboro Hinge designs and manufactures various types of hinges for the tough railway industry, including strong strap hingescontinuous hinges, and even custom hinges. We are happy to design hinges to suit your project specifications.

As different as the many applications for hinges are – their requirements are always the same. Marlboro Hinge hinges are:

  • easy to install
  • low cost
  • practically indestructible
  • allow flexible and simple constructions.


Whether you need exterior or interior hinges for long-lasting railroad car applications, Marlboro Hinge can assist you with heavy duty die-cast steel hinges. You can always expect durable hinges that stand the test of time with Marlboro Hinge. From hinges for hatch covers to caboose doors, we can provide the industrial strength hardware you need. Check our very large inventory for the sizes you want, but if you don’t find it, we can custom make it for you.

Our custom department can meet all your needs. We can provide a duplicate replacement for a vintage hinge if you are restoring an antique railroad car, or we can make you a custom resistant elastic hinge for a new central buffer coupling for rail cars. Ask for a quote today on any special custom needs you have.

When you require a special sturdy hinge, please submit, along with your order or inquiry, a drawing or sketch with complete dimensions and information on how the hinge will be used.

Shop our collection of hinges for railroad cars, or send us a question.

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