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At Marlboro Manufacturing, Inc., we have extensive experience manufacturing hinges for the truck and trailer industry. Trucks and trailers go nearly everywhere, enduring everything from bad weather conditions, to poorly maintained roads, to having all kinds of freight loaded and unloaded on a daily basis.

Reliable, high-quality, industrial-strength hinges are important elements on trucks and trailers to ensure that doors, ramps, compartments and other elements are secured for transportation.

Truck and trailer manufacturers often need hinges for unique and customized compartments, doors, ramps and more. So whether it’s a hinge for a trailer ramp or a hinge for a truck door, we provide the industrial-strength hardware needed for the wear and tear endured in the truck and trailer industry.  

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Marlboro Manufacturing, Inc. sells a lot of hinges to truck and trailer manufacturers. Since these industries are so specialized, most come to us for custom-designed hinges to fit their specific applications. However, some manufacturers also purchase stock continuous hingesbutt hingesstrap hinges and weld-on hinges when specifications allow. 

We partner with truck and trailer manufacturers not only in Northeast Ohio where we’re located, but with manufacturers across the country to ensure their finished products are safe, secure and built to last. 

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