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Emergency vehicles like ambulances and fire trucks have many different doors and compartments that require safe and reliable hinges to keep important tools and materials secure. When medics and firefighters are on their way to save lives, the last thing they should be worried about it something going wrong inside the truck. Our hinges are made of high quality materials to ensure lasting durability for even the most dire situations. 


For manufacturers of emergency vehicles, safety is of the utmost importance when it comes to choosing materials and manufacturing methods. Although hinges are just a small part of an entire fire truck or ambulance, the compartments and doors we help secure play a big role in the overall success of a mission because they help organize and hold the tools and materials they need to save lives. 

We sell thousands of continuous and butt hinges to emergency vehicle manufacturers every year. Some manufacturers order stock hinges, but most order custom. We typically fabricate these custom hinges to length with holes, notches and forms as required by different manufacturers.

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