Electrical Enclosures

Marlboro Hinge serves many industries, including manufacturers of indoor and outdoor electrical enclosures. We understand that electrical enclosures must have hinges that are functional, reliable, and safe. Our hinges are designed for use with electrical junction boxes, terminal wiring boxes, and instruments housing. Whether you're using this cabinet to mount switches, displays or knobs, we want to provide what you need to build or replace hinges. They provide protection against dust, dirt, spraying of water, oil, and noncorrosive liquids. Our heavy duty hinges will weather almost anything. Our products will not tarnish, corrode, rust, peel or bind, and will not require lubrication. If you need your enclosure to have visual appeal, we offer our hinges in a variety of finishes. 

Whether your electrical enclosure design calls for continuous hingesstrap hinges, or custom designed hinges, Marlboro Hinge offers a wide selection of hinge sizes and types to fit the needs of your project. You can count on our sturdy steel hinges to be top-quality and durable. We offer smooth movement as well as accurate alignment and easy installation. Our heavy duty hinges come in a variety of gauges, sizes, and materials. As always, if we don't have a hinge to provide exactly what you need, we are happy to offer a custom solution.

When you require a special hinge, please submit, along with your order or inquiry, a drawing or sketch with complete dimensions and information on how the hinge will be used.

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