Custom Continuous Hinges

Continuous hinges are commonly known as piano hinges because of their original use with piano lids. The leaves, barrel, and pin generally span the length of the entire opening. Continuous hinges are used in many applications including toolboxes, storage lockers, and commercial buses. Continuous hinges are quite versatile and provide superior functionality and strength while maximizing attractiveness.

All of our standard continuous hinge stock items can be easily modified to create custom continuous hinges.

Hole piercing, notching, bending, and/or cutting to special lengths can be achieved with standard stock to meet the specifications of most applications, making the customization of our standard stock continuous hinges quite cost effective. In addition, custom continuous hinges can be manufactured to fit your specific requirements. Hinge dimensions (overall length, open width, leaf width, pin diameter, knuckle length, and leaf thickness), leaf hole size and placement, and hinge material and finish can be specified to meet the needs of your application.

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If you have any questions about the manufacture of our custom continuous hinges or about the customization options available, please contact us. A Marlboro Manufacturing hinge specialist would be happy to discuss your application or product and its custom continuous hinge requirements and specifications.

Request a quote for custom continuous hinges.

Use our online hinge quote request form to request a careful and comprehensive cost estimate for the manufacture of the custom continuous hinges required for your project. Upload a 2mb engineering or technical drawing in .dwg, .pdf, or .dxf format with your quote request. A Marlboro Manufacturing hinge specialist will contact you upon our receipt and review of your request, specifications, and drawing. Give us the opportunity to show that our customization options for continuous hinges allow us to meet the needs and requirements of every imaginable application.

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