Custom Industrial Door Hinges

Resembling the appearance of and operating in the same manner as the unequal leaf hinge, industrial door hinges allow for an access door to be incorporated into the hinge. The combination of hinge and door eliminates unnecessary labor costs. In addition, our industrial door hinges offer a clean, well-functioning, and professional look to your product. Custom industrial door hinges are used in a myriad of ways in industrial environments from mechanical to electrical equipment.

As with all our hinge solutions, industrial door hinges can be customized to fit your specific requirements.

Industrial door hinges share a similar production and design process with its hinge cousin the unequal leaf hinge. Leaf configuration (left- or right-hand), hinge dimensions (overall length, uneven open width, each leaf width, pin diameter, knuckle length, and leaf thickness), leaf hole size and placement, and hinge material and finish can be specified to meet the needs of your application. Our customization options allow us to meet the needs and requirements of every imaginable application.

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A Marlboro Manufacturing hinge specialist would be happy to answer your questions about the manufacture of custom industrial door hinges, including the available customization options. Contact us to discuss your application and its custom industrial door hinge requirements and specifications.

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To request a cost for manufacturing custom industrial door hinges for your application, please complete our online hinge quote request form. An engineering or technical drawing of 2mb or less in .dwg, .pdf, or .dxf format can be included with your quote request. Upon our receipt and review of your project information and specifications, a Marlboro Manufacturing hinge specialist will contact you with a comprehensive quote for the manufacture of the industrial door hinges required for your project.

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