Custom Offset Hinges

We, at Marlboro Manufacturing, have delivered you from a door dilemma! Our custom offset hinges or swing clear hinges let you widen your doorway without needing to make a larger opening to accommodate a bigger door. Either one or both leaves of an offset hinge are formed away from the center of the pin. This provides a door fitted with such a hinge the ability to swing outward and widen the doorway. The unique design of an offset hinge provides benefits on multiple fronts and serves many kinds of applications.

Offsets are done by forming the leaves away from the center of the pin. Offsets can be provided on one or both leaves (hinge terminology) and will typically slightly decrease the overall leaf width.

Custom offset hinges are just another example of how a hinge can be uniquely designed to meet your design needs. Offset hinge leaves are used to keep rotating knuckles away from the painted or platted surfaces, or to grant increased door clearance for disabled access.

The Benefits of Installing Custom Offset Hinges

Offset hinges are the ideal solutions for a homeowner who wants just one doorway in his house, for instance leading to the porch, to be wider than what is the standard but does not want to scout around for a bigger door or pay more to separately order a solitary door. On the other hand, a business owner who wants a wider entrance to his office so that his mobility-impaired clients using wheelchairs or walkers are not inconvenienced, can install offset hinges to address his needs satisfactorily.

Our custom offset hinges provide cost-efficiency on more than one front. These can be retro-fitted on most doors and doorframes of standard dimensions thus sparing you the need to buy a new one. What is more, we can design the hinge such that it can be installed without needing to drill new holes and/or using a new set of screws. This is not only cost-efficient but also reduces the hassles of assembling.

Flexibility & Options

You can even use our custom offset hinges to move the pivot point of the door away from the hinge to make the opening easily accessible. This functionality is especially helpful if you want to open, swing, and close the door without being bothered by obstacles such as window frames and trim moldings. This feature allows you to counter any structural shortcomings without needing to take down and reinstall walls, doors, and/or windows.

At Marlboro Manufacturing, we design offset hinges according to your specific needs so that you too can use them to reap their magnificent benefits. 


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