Custom Slip Joint Hinges

Also known as take-apart or lift-off hinges, slip joint hinges have their pin attached to the male leaf, allowing the female leaf to be taken apart from or lifted off and removed from the male leaf without removing either leaf or the hinge pin. When slip joint hinges are attached to doors or panels, for example, they allow easy access to the internal components of an application because they allow the door or panel to be completely removed from its frame. Other examples of applications benefiting from slip joint hinges include livestock gates, refuse containers, fire truck compartments, and lighting control panels.

Slip joint hinge customization options.

Our slip joint hinges come in right- or left-hand configurations. We can customize the features of both the male and female leaves. As with all our custom hinge solutions, custom slip joint hinges can be fabricated to fit your specific requirements for configuration, dimensions (length, open width, leaf width, pin diameter, knuckle length, and thickness), leaf hole size and placement, and hinge material and finish. Other customization options include complex leaf bending, pin offsets, and leaf laser cutting to meet the needs and requirements of every imaginable application.

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We would be happy to answer all the questions you have about our slip joint hinges and the customization options available for them. Contact us to speak with a hinge specialist about your application and its custom slip joint hinge requirements and specifications.

Request a custom slip joint hinge quote.

To request the cost for manufacturing custom slip joint hinges for your application, please complete our online hinge quote request form. A 2mb engineering or technical drawing in .dwg, .pdf, or .dxf format can be uploaded with your quote request. A Marlboro Manufacturing hinge specialist will contact you with a comprehensive quote for the manufacture of the custom slip joint hinges required for your application.

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