Custom Hinge Piercing

We, at Marlboro Manufacturing, have put together an in-house team of tooling experts to provide custom piercing services to help you modify your space without needing to incur humongous expenses and also spare you many hassles in the process. Astute knowledge and years of experience have perfected our skills and our services are not only quick but also extremely precise. What is more, we use only the most sophisticated tools for the task and this ensures that the structural integrity of the hinges we work on is retained to the fullest extent.

If your hinge specifications require irregular hole patterns for fastening, custom hinge piercing can meet those different needs. Hinge piercing can be implemented almost anywhere on one, or both leaves.

If custom tooling is required to meet your exact diameter and configuration needs, a minimal “one time” tooling charge may be necessary. With a large inventory of standard piercing diameters and configurations, we can often avoid the higher cost of special tooling requirements.

The Benefits of Custom Hinge Piercing Services

Not all houses (unless if they are manufactured homes) are built according to identical specifications. If you are building your dream house or are modifying the layout of your business premises, you may want to incorporate some innovative ideas into how you place structural elements like doors or plan efficient storage spaces by adding pull-out shelves. You may not always find hinges with suitable piercings in the hardware store to suit your purpose. But don’t worry; we have the solution for you.

What We Need

Just supply us with the dimensions of the hinges, the diameter and the type of holes you want on them, the hole centers, and the dimensions on the edges and the ends. With our expertise in custom hinge piercing, you can be sure that we will pierce holes on one or both leaves of a hinge to meet your exact specifications. You can then fasten the hinges easily and securely.

A Higher Plateau

After years of working for numerous clients, we have built up quite a repository of custom tools to use for piercing hinges. So you can be almost sure that you will not need to pay for any special tool that we may need to buy to complete your task.

Making Your Home Work Better than Ever

We, at Marlboro Manufacturing, have absolutely all the hinge solutions that you may need to modify your space. Trust us, we have seen and heard about every scenario that exists. We have been around the block and we know what you are looking for with just a simple explanation. We will deliver our professional expertise to you with efficiency.


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