Bending Hinges

We, at Marlboro Manufacturing, realize that buildings are not designed keeping in mind the restrictions imposed by a standard and run-of-the-mill hinge. That is why, we endeavor to design hinges according to your specific needs so that you can rise above the challenges imposed by the peculiarities of a structure. Our custom hinge bending technology ensures that the components we work on retain their structural stability even after undergoing a change in their shape.

Custom Hinge Bending Services to Help You Cut Costs

Door hinges bent according to your specifications help you cut costs in many ways. For instance, you may need the hinges to be tweaked a little to have them installed on irregular mount surfaces. This spares you the considerable hassle of re-planning the position and/or size of doorways in your house or business premises.

The bend or the swag on one hinge may vary from that on another hinge even if they belong to the same set. This is because hinges are not made from molds. They are just pressed or bent. So once in a while you may find the gap between the leaves of the hinge to be less than ideal that in turn, can adversely impact the fit of the door. In such cases, you cannot just discard the ill-fitting hinges. On the other hand, it will take us only little time to fix them so that you do not have to buy new ones.

Most accommodations can be granted when needing a custom form or bend. However, when bending hinges close to the knuckle area, a minimum clearance requirement must be maintained.

Creating Additional Room

A store-bought hinge need not be defective for you to seek our custom hinge bending services. After we have cranked the hinges, with either one or both leaves bent at an angle, mostly 90 degrees, they can be installed in cabinets with pull-out shelves. A bent hinge enables a door to swing open by more than 90 degrees, thereby creating more room inside the cabinet where pull-out shelves can be installed.

So if you intend to modify the storage space around your house and happen to have a box of hinges lying around, you know what to do. Save yourself a trip to the hardware store; call us instead.



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