Custom Hinges

Marlboro Manufacturing prides itself in maintaining one of the nation's largest inventories of Continuous Hinges. But we also have the ability to fabricate your custom hinge needs as well. Our in-house tooling department and engineering staff gives us the capabilities of customizing our standard items as well as fabricating to your special specifications.

From our standard press brakes to our automated continuous hinge lines, Marlboro has the capabilities that others in the industry just can't offer. From continuous to custom hinge products, let Marlboro be your "total" hinge source.

We believe that even the tiniest component of a building plays a significant part in maintaining structural stability. As such, every component that goes into the making of a building should be chosen with care and/or custom-manufactured according to a specific design when store-bought ones do not serve the purposes satisfactorily. This is true even for hinges. That is why, we have put together a team of engineers and tooling experts who can analyze your needs and develop custom-designed hinges that will suit your needs perfectly.

Why would You Need Custom-Designed Hinges?

Not all buildings are made to the exact same design specifications. Thus it is only natural that hinges plucked out from the assembly line may not always suffice. Custom-designed hinges offer the following benefits:

  •     These can be designed and manufactured in any form and to serve any function. This makes them the best fit for your application.
  •     These can be designed and manufactured to integrate multiple functionalities. This makes them extremely cost-efficient.
  •     These hinges are manufactured at minimal tooling costs. Customized hinges incorporate only those functionalities that you need. Doing away with the bells and whistles saves much in manufacturing costs.
  •     These can be modified to incorporate more functionality. This saves you the time, money, and effort needed to hunt for and buy new sets of hinges.


Diverse Solutions for Custom-Designed Hinges

We have in stock a large number and many different kinds of hinges—from the usual press brakes to the more sophisticated automated continuous hinge lines. Our hinges are used for a wide range of applications and are preferred for their extreme sturdiness that allows these to withstand prolonged and extreme periods of wear and tear. We have diversified our offerings by providing you with multiple customization options based on the application and your budget.

We can tweak our existing designs to come up with a hinge make that suits your needs. Or, we can design and develop hinges from the scratch based on your unique specifications so that you do not have to compromise on structural integrity.

We, at Marlboro Manufacturing, have gathered a huge bank of knowledge, expertise, and experience on designing and developing hinges. Our custom-designed hinges thus can serve your specific needs admirably with lasting performance. 




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