Both Leaf Half-Swaged Hinge

Swaging is the process of forming of one or both hinge leaves toward or beyond the center of the pin. In the case of a both leaf half-swaged hinge, both leaves are swaged toward the center of the hinge pin by approximately the radius of the pin.

Like a one leaf full-swaged hinge, a hinge with both leaves half-swaged has the minimum clearance between the leaves when the leaves are in the parallel position. Another characteristic of a hinge with both leaves half-swaged is that both leaf widths are slightly longer than those of a plain or standard assembly hinge because both leaves are swaged.

Why are hinges with both leaves half-swaged useful? For spaces in which a little extra leaf coverage is helpful or for applications in which the opened door needs to lay flush against the cabinet, for example, hinges with both leaves half-swaged fit the requirements without having to customize the hinge configuration.

Marlboro Manufacturing both standard stock and fabricates custom hinges with both leaves half-swaged. Customization options include:

  • Hinge configuration: butt, strap, continuous, weld-on, or slip-joint
  • Leaf lengths, including uneven leaf lengths
  • Piercings, bends, laser cutting, or notches
  • Pin options, including pin material, multiple pin configurations, and pin retention options
  • Fastener options
  • Plating options

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