Stop Hinge

A stop hinge is fabricated to limit the travel of one leaf to a specified angle. Available in two configurations, inside or outside, stop hinges are useful for applications that require the door, for example, to open or close to a specific angle and no more. Some applications of stop hinges include

Standard and customized stop hinges are available

Standard stop hinges are stocked for butt, strap, continuous, weld-on, and slip-joint configurations. In addition, any of our stocked hinges can be easily customized with piercings, bends, and notching. Completely customized solutions are also available. Choose from a variety of pin and plating options, or choose to specify unique leaf lengths, fasteners, or multiple pin requirements.

Questions are answered by email or phone

Describing the endless possibilities for the application and configuration of stop hinges is beyond the scope of this brief introduction to them. A Marlboro Manufacturing hinge expert would welcome the opportunity to answer your questions about stop hinges.

Ask about how they could be used in your specific application. Discuss with one of our representatives why 3-hole piercing may be more stable than 4-hole piercing for the stop hinges needed for your project. Find out about the process for plating assembled or unassembled stop hinges.

Contact us with your questions. Whether by phone or email, a Marlboro Manufacturing hinge specialist is available to answer your questions.

Cost and time estimates are just a click away

The bottom line is that the cost of the hinges and the timeframe for their delivery are two of the most important factors for choosing to source your hinges from Marlboro Manufacturing.

We’re proud of the quality of our products. We’re confident that our hinge experts are counted as some of the most knowledgeable in the industry. We know that our prices and timelines are competitive. Marlboro Manufacturing is prepared to create stop hinges to your exact specifications. Request a quote today.

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