Hinge Gauge

A hinge gauge, which is also called hinge “weight,” is the thickness of a hinge leaf. The heavier the door and the greater the traffic passing through the door, the larger hinge gauges you should use.

Hinges with larger gauge measurements are useful for heavier doors that have heavier traffic. Manufacturing facilities with heavy metal doors and heavy traffic require stronger hinges to bear the pressure.

Regular hinge gauges measure at .150 thickness. These are hinges that are typically used for kitchen cabinets or the front door of your home. The weight the hinges bear is average, so the gauges’ thickness does not need to be extreme.

Strap Hinge

Engineers created most strap hinges with heavy materials to bear heavier weight. Both of the unequal leafs (one narrow and one wide) are available in heavy gauges in order to open and close doors without causing strain and breakage. Two types of stainless steel strap hinges, HTB and HTD, are available at Marlboro Hinge & Laser.

Slip Hinge

Marlboro Hinge & Laser manufactures slip hinges in many materials, sizes, and gauges to ensure that your door hinges properly. These hinges have a male leaf with a permanent pin that fixes into the joint of a female leaf. Slip hinges are typically mill finished and are available in flag-type and right- and left-hand designs.

Continuous or Piano Hinge

Continuous hinges, also known as piano hinges, come in a variety of gauges, and Marlboro Hinge & Laser even custom designs hinges for clients. The leafs run the entire length of the hinges, and with the backing plus the increased gauges, provides maximum centralized support.

Butt Hinge

Butt hinges are not as long as continuous hinges, but their leafs are wider and also available in a wide range of gauges. The wider hinges and increased gauges can give a broad range of support. The diversity of butt hinges (removable pins, non-removable pins, with holes, without holes, materials, sizes, gauges) make butt hinges useful for many different purposes, from sewing machine parts to storage locker doors.

Marlboro Hinge & Laser Standard and Custom Designs

In just fifty years, Marlboro Hinge & Laser has grown into a company that serves clients both domestically and internationally. Since 1960 we have been providing quality hinge products for many different industries. We collaborate with our clients to create customized hinges that meet your needs, not ours. Between our custom designs and our expansive warehouse, we can guarantee you with the hinge products you need for success! Contact us for a hinge quote to get started today!

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