One Leaf Full-Swaged Hinge

One leaf full-swaged hinges fit tight clearances. They’re fabricated with one leaf swaged, or formed toward or beyond the center of the hinge pin, making the leaves parallel and closely fitting when closed.

For architectural applications such as doors and windows, one leaf full-swaged hinges have an approximately 1/16” clearance between leaves when closed. For comparison, the clearance between closed leaves of standard hinges measures the pin diameter, less the gauge of the leaves. One leaf full-swaged hinges are used in many architecture applications and beyond, including:

Customize Marlboro Manufacturing’s one leaf full-swaged hinges

The complete customization of our one leaf full-swaged hinges makes them suitable for nearly any imaginable application. Specify the following characteristics:

  • Metal (steel or stainless steel, brass, or aluminum and combinations thereof)
  • Hinge Configuration (butt, slip-joint, weld-on, continuous, or strap)
  • Pin Diameter, Configuration, and Metal
  • Knuckle Length
  • Leaf Width
  • Piercing Patterns with Countersinking Requirements
  • Leaf Notching and Bending
  • Laser Cutting Options
  • Plating Requirements (Anodized Satin, Black, Gold, and Bronze; Brass and Brass Lacquer; Cadmium; Electropolished; Nickel; Painted; or Clear, Yellow, and Black Zinc)

A Marlboro Manufacturing hinge expert would be happy to answer your questions and to provide you with more information about them or about the specification options and fabrication process.

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