Hinge Width

Unlike leaf width, which is the measurement from the edge of one leaf to the pin in the middle of the hinge, hinge width measures the width across an entire pin. The width of the hinge, also known as open width, is the measurement from one leaf edge to the other leaf edge, reaching across the knuckle and pin joint in the middle. There are two ways to measure a hinge’s width.

The first way to measure a hinge’s width is to completely open the hinge on a flat surface. Stretch your ruler or measuring tape over the hinge and measure the edge of one leaf to the edge of the other. Unlike measuring leaf width, the measurement includes the pin and knuckle joint in the middle.

The second way to measure a hinge’s leaf width. Use your ruler or measuring tape to measure the width from one leaf edge to the pin in the middle of the hinge. Then multiply that figure by two; the width of a hinge is the sum of two leaf widths.

A hinge’s width is vital to its pin and knuckle action. The wider a hinge’s width, the greater load the leafs can support as the pin and knuckle rotate. The same is also true of a narrow width – the narrower leafs cannot provide the same degree of support, greatly affecting which hinges you use for your project.

Strap Hinge

Because of their heavy material, strap hinges are designed to support heavy doors. Strap hinge leafs are unequal; the narrow leaf is constructed for stability, so it is joined to the wall, and the longer leaf is attached to the door. Marlboro makes both HTB and HTD strap hinges out of stainless steel.

Continuous Hinge

A continuous or piano hinge is designed with a narrow leaf parallel to the hinge joint’s length. These narrow leafs still support heavy objects (like a heavy-duty toolbox lid) but they are not as strong as strap hinges.

Butt Hinge

A butt hinge’s width is considerably wider than a continuous hinge’s width. Thanks to their width, they can support a wide variety of loads. Butt hinges come in many different sizes, materials, and gauges, and are often chosen for attaching cabinet doors.

Slip Joint Hinge

Slip joint hinges are engineered with a male leaf (containing a permanent pin) and a female leaf (with an empty hinge knuckle) that connect. Marlboro Hinge & Laser creates slip joint hinges with a variety of widths, ranging from .95” to 2”.

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