Plain or Standard Assembly Hinge

Perhaps the most versatile hinge configuration available is the plain or standard assembly hinge. It is adhered to the surface, and the leaves of a plain or standard assembly hinge lie flat in the same plane when open. Plain or standard assembly hinges are used for a wide variety of applications, including:

Because of its popularity and versatility, plain or standard assembly hinges will be furnished for all hinge orders unless otherwise specified.

We’re here to answer your questions

  • Will a plain hinge standup to the use of your specific application?
  • How does the pairing of a 3” standard butt hinge with a 4” plain butt hinge affect the weight distribution your panel door?
  • Why are plain strap hinges recommended for a particular application?
  • Does the cost of standard assembly hinges vary considerably for unassembled vs. assembled delivery?

What questions do you have about plain or standard assembly hinges? Contact us. A Marlboro Manufacturing hinge specialist is available to answer your questions today.

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Marlboro Manufacturing is extremely proud of the quality of our hinges. In the hinge manufacturing industry, our hinge experts are counted as some of the best. Our prices and fabrication timelines are extremely competitive.

The bottom line is this. Marlboro Manufacturing is prepared to provide plain or standard assembly hinges to your exact specifications by using only the highest quality materials, in the quickest timeframe possible, at unbeatable prices. Request a quote today.

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