A hinge leaf is the flat part of the hinge that revolves around the pin and knuckle of the hinge. The leafs attach to the objects you wish to join, such as a door and a wall, and provide the leverage that hinge joints need to rotate. Marlboro Hinge & Laser provides customized hinges as well as standard manufactured hinges, even swagging hinge leafs if you need to attach the hinge to a beveled edge.

Continuous or Piano Hinge

The leafs of a continuous or piano hinge runs the length of the hinge’s pin and knuckle, giving the hinge support for its entire length. These leafs are more narrow than other hinge leafs, such as a butt hinge, because the length of the leaf provides enough support without any added width. Continuous hinges are available in a variety of sizes, gauges, and materials. One good example of a continuous hinge is a toolbox – the long hinge that joins the lid to the body of the box is a sturdy continuous hinge.

Butt Hinge

While butt hinges are shorter than continuous hinges, butt hinge leafs are wider than the leafs of continuous hinges. They extend farther from the pin and knuckle, offering more heavy duty support for the hinge joint to rotate the pieces attached to the leafs. Butt hinges also come in a diverse range of sizes, gauges, and materials and are available with or without holes. These hinges can be designed to have either removable or non-removable pins. Butt hinges are some of the most commonly used hinges. They are commonly seen on storage lockers and cabinet doors.

Slip Hinge

Slip hinges, available in many gauges, sizes, and materials, are designed with a permanent pin attached to a male leaf and a female leaf without a pin. The two hinge pieces come in one set because the leafs are specifically designed to fit together for a rotating motion. Standard slip hinges have mill finishing. Marlboro Hinge & Laser manufacturers both right- and left-hand slip hinges as well as flag-type slip hinges for your specific project.

Strap Hinge

Typically the leafs on strap hinges are created with heavier materials to make them stronger. These leafs are unequal in length – one is narrow and the other is wide to create better rotating leverage for the hinge joint. Marlboro provides two different types of strap hinges, HTB and HTD, both available in stainless steel.

Hinges at Marlboro Hinge & Laser

Since 1960, Marlboro Hinge & Laser has been manufacturing top-notch hinges for both commercial and residential projects. Over fifty years later, today Marlboro is a leader in its industry, both nationally and internationally. Our extensive warehouse ensures that we have the products you need, and our skilled staff can answer any of your questions. Receive a hinge quote today!

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