The hinge pin is the rod that runs the length of the hinge. The pin interconnects the knuckles and holds the leaves of the hinge together.

As with other hinge parts, the size of the pin determines how much weight the pin can hold together. You want your hinge pin size to match the rest of your project to sustain the weight of your two surfaces.

Solve Your Broken Pin Problem

Pins rarely break because they are designed so well by professional experts. On the rare occasion that a pin does break, it is because the hinge is moving too much weight for its size. The best solution is to replace the pin with a new one. Press out the old pin and replace it with another, inserting the new pin into the holes created by the knuckles. However, if the pin is severely damaged, you may want to replace the entire hinge.

Luckily for you, Marlboro Hinge and Laser, a part of Marlboro Manufacturing, Inc., has a large stock of a variety of hinges for both domestic and commercial purposes. We also custom design hinges for your specific needs.

Look for the Root of the Problem

Perhaps your hinge pin difficulties stem from the type of hinge you are using. Below are a few hinge options that may solve your problems:

  • Continuous hinges are also known as piano hinges. They come in such a wide variety of materials and sizes that you can easily cut them to the exact size you need.
  • Butt hinges are smaller than continuous hinges and are equal in length and width. The pins in butt hinges can be either removable or permanent, depending on your project.
  • Slip hinges resemble butt hinges except them have no pin. They can be specially manufactured with different aspects, including a flag-type slip hinge.
  • Strap hinges are unique; it has unequal leaves, with one longer and narrower than the other. They are typically built from heavier gauge materials.
  • Welding hinges are customized to be installed with welding machines. These hinges are like slip joint hinges, only they are much more heavy duty. They come with grease fittings that make the hinge’s operation smoother.

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No matter your hinge pin difficulties, Marlboro Manufacturing has the expertise to help. We are known nationally and internationally for our quality products and pleasant service. Our hinges are used both domestically and commercially. Request a quote today.

To be certain that your hinge pin is not too small for the weight it carries, consult Marlboro’s experienced staff and diverse catalogue. Contact us today for more information about your hinge needs.

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