One Leaf Half-Swaged Hinge

Swaging is the process of forming of one or both leaves toward or beyond the center of the pin. In the case of a one leaf half-swaged hinge, one leaf is swaged one half of the pin diameter. The width of the swaged leaf is wider by half the pin diameter.

One leaf half-swaged hinges are useful in a variety of applications. From cabinet doors and electrical cabinets, to windows and storage lockers, these hinges are both practical and attractive without customization.

Can one leaf half-swaged hinges be customized?

At Marlboro Manufacturing, we stock hundreds of standard one leaf half-swaged hinges in multiple configurations. Some of our stocked hinges lend themselves to easy customization with piercings, bends, and notching. However, we can completely customize to your specifications, including:

  • Leaf length, even if uneven leaf lengths are required
  • Pin retention (flush pin staked or pin spun both ends)
  • Plating options, including clear, yellow, and black zinc; cadmium; nickel; brass and lacquer; satin, black, gold, and bronze anodized; electropolished; or painted or pre-painted
  • Fasteners, notching, bending, multiple pin requirements, and many more customization options

Contact us for more information. Whether questions about our stocked one leaf half-swaged hinge selection or hinge customization options, a Marlboro Manufacturing hinge specialist is available to answer your questions.

How much do one leaf half-swaged hinges cost?

Swaging is a very economical way to get the benefits of customized hinges without necessarily customizing them for your application. However, we understand budget limitations and know that the cost of the hinges and the timeframe for their delivery are important factors to consider when sourcing hinges.

Our prices for one leaf half-swaged hinges are extremely competitive. Our timeline for fabrication, if not in stock, is the shortest available for the quality of product we offer. Because we’re proud of our hinges, Marlboro Manufacturing is prepared to be your source for one leaf half-swaged hinges—whether stocked or customized to your exact specifications. Request a quote today.

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