The Pitch of a hinge is the distance between the end of a knuckle to the same edge of its adjacent knuckle on the same leaf. This measurement directly correlates to the strength of the hinge in relation to its common wear and stressors. Translation -- a good hinge has a balanced pitch that is specifically designed for its application.

You need a company that knows hinge pitch and can advise you on both standard and custom hinge production for your specific manufacturing needs. Marlboro Manufacturing is that company.

Trust 54 Years of Excellent Service

Our goal, since Marlboro Manufacturing’s establishment in 1960, has been to create hinge products that serve the specific needs of our customers and exceed their expectations. At our outset, Marlboro Manufacturing produced hinges and hardware for the storm door industry. We began manufacturing for industrial purposes in the mid-1970’s upon seeing the need for quality hinges in the equipment and manufacturing industry.

We continue to serve the manufacturing industry, offering a variety of hinges including continuous, butt and slip joint hinges. We are recognized today as a leader in the hinge industry with both domestic and international sales. As a customer-driven business that strives to the highest level of excellence in manufacturing, customer service and innovation, we want to work with you to meet all of your hinge needs.

Order Hinge Pitch Customization to Your Specifications

At Marlboro Manufacturing, we offer customization in most areas of our hinge production, include hinge pitch, which means that we can tailor a strong, dependable hinge to your pitch specifications. We also offer customization in areas such as:

  • the types of metal to be used
  • the configuration of the hinges
  • length of the knuckle and width
  • notching and bending of the leaf

Request a Quote for Any of Our Wide Selection of Hinges Today

At Marlboro Manufacturing, we hold customer service as our only measure of success. To meet this standard, we seek not only to provide you with the highest quality product and the most innovative design, it means we’re available to answer questions about hinge pitch, as well as provide you with extensive quotes for all your hinge needs.

Simply submit your quote request, as well as your hinge specifications with your special instructions, and technical drawings, we’ll take care of the rest.

Contact us today, and let Marlboro Manufacturing take care of you.

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