Leaf Width

A hinge’s leaf width is the measurement from the center of the pin to the leaf’s outside edge. This width is instrumental to how a hinge joint operates. Depending on the design and purpose of the hinge, some hinge leafs are more decorative than practical while others can measure equally or unequally, but all hinge leafs attach two objects so the hinge joint can rotate smoothly. The wider the leaf, the greater support the leafs provide for the rotating hinge knuckle. Each of the hinges in Marlboro Hinge & Laser’s vast inventory is intentionally designed for a particular reason.

Slip Hinge

Slip hinges, have a permanent pin attached to a male leaf and a female leaf without an empty hinge knuckle. The two leafs are engineered to create a smooth rotating motion when the two are joined together. Designers at Marlboro Hinge & Laser create slip hinges in many different sizes, materials, and gauges, as well as right- and left-hand slip hinges and flag-type slip hinges.

Strap Hinge

Strap hinge leafs can hold a greater weight because the leafs are made with heavy materials. These leaf widths are unequal; typically the narrow side is attached to the stable structure while the wide leaf connects to the swinging door. Marlboro provides HTB AND HTD stainless steel strap hinges.

Continuous Hinge

A continuous hinge, also known as a piano hinge, has narrow leafs that run parallel to the entire length of the hinge’s joint. Even though the width of the leaf is narrow, the hinge is strong for any project you are building – continuous hinges are most commonly seen joining the heavy lid and body of a toolbox.

Butt Hinge

Overall, butt hinges are smaller than continuous hinges, but a butt hinge’s leaf is considerably wider. Butt hinges provide more support for two heavy pieces, such as storage lockers and cabinet doors. Engineers at Marlboro Hinge & Laser create butt hinges from many materials into diverse options of gauges and sizes, holes or no holes, removable or non-removable pins.

Trust Marlboro Hinge & Laser

For over fifty years, both commercial and residential builders have trusted Marlboro Hinge & Laser to create hinges that meet their needs. Our knowledgeable staff have experience and detailed training that makes them experts in the hinge industry. We make slip hinges, strap hinges, continuous hinges, and butt hinges of countless materials, gauges, and sizes. Our expansive warehouse is sure to have the specific product you require. If you need a customized hinge, we can manufacture your special design. As a lead manufacturer in our industry, we have created hinges nationally and internationally, and our good reputation speaks for itself. Ask us for a hinge quote today!

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