Knuckle Length

Knuckle length is the nominal or typical dimension of the knuckle measured parallel to the pin. Most hinges have an odd number of knuckles, which helps them interconnect for the smooth opening and closing motion that builders love so much.

Your needed knuckle length largely depends on the engineering specs of your project. Ideally, the hinge should smoothly operate the two surfaces that the hinge connects. You want a knuckle length that is the correct size for your project. With practice, you will grow a general instinct for what size works best for each project. A hinge on a jewelry box door will not have the ability to open your kitchen door, and the same is true vice versa.

Larger surfaces require larger hinges. The length of any part of a hinge, whether it is the leaves or the knuckle length, is determined by the material and the diameter of the materials you are using; larger hinges have more weight-bearing surface than smaller hinges. The bigger the project you are making, the bigger the hinge and hinge parts you need, including knuckle length.

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