Hinge Length

What is Hinge Length?

Hinge length is the length of the leaves measured parallel to the pin. Typically, the length of the leaves and the pin are equal or close to equal in length, but the height of the pin head does not affect the overall hinge length.

Exceptions to equal leaves and pins largely depend on the ornateness of the hinge. For example, door hinges are designed in such a way that the pin head is slightly higher than the leaves. Alternatively, decorative hinges that may be used to kitchen cabinets may have elaborate leaves that extend beyond the head of the pin.

Which Hinge Length Do I Need?

There is no set standard that requires certain hinge lengths to match certain projects; the hinge length you need is determined by your project. When you attach a long, heavy board to another heavy surface, you will want a longer hinge. The heavier the materials you are hinging together, the longer the hinge length you need. Sometimes you may even require more than one hinge for a single project.

What if my Hinge Still isn’t Working Properly?

Because of how they are designed, hinges rarely malfunction. However, if you are hinging together two heavy materials and you use too few hinges, the screws connecting the leaves to the materials wills strip out. To remedy such a dilemma, you will need to replace the materials and reposition the hinges. It is a good idea to use larger, longer screws to ensure that the hinge and materials open and close smoothly.

Why is my Material Warping?

When attaching hinges to thin materials, sometimes the material begins to warp. The solution is to use longer hinges in your project. For example, ¼ inch plywood requires longer piano hinges to stop warping.

Consult Marlboro’s Experts about Your Hinge Length Questions

At Marlboro Hinge, we carry a wide variety of hinges and hinge lengths. Our inventory includes continuous hinges, butt hinges, slip joint hinges, weld-on hinges, strap hinges, and customized hinges that are designed by you for a specific project. Our company has over fifty years of national and international experience with hinges of all types. Contact us for solutions for your hinge length questions.

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