What Is A Hinge Knuckle?

A hinge knuckle is the hollow circular part at the joint of a hinge through which a pin is passed. The knuckle can also be called a loop, joint, node, or curl, but knuckle is the most common name.

The knuckle is the articulating point for the hinge – it is the swiveling socket that operates the rest of the hinge and the material the hinge connects. The knuckle bears the weight that the whole hinge is expected to operate. A smoothly opening and closing door depends upon a hinge’s knuckle.

Does Knuckle Size Matter?

The knuckle size coincides with the pin size. The larger the knuckle, the more weight it can hold. If you are using hinges to attach a door to its frame, you need a larger hinge with a larger knuckle to bear the weight of the door. Alternatively, if you are attaching doors to a kitchen cabinet, you will require smaller hinges because there is less weight for the hinges to bear.

It is extremely rare for a hinge’s knuckle to break. However, because shorter knuckle length bears less weight, it is possible for builders to underestimate the weight of the surfaces attached to a hinge. This extra weight on such a small knuckle will break the hinge. It is up to a builder’s discretion to choose the appropriate knuckle size for the project.

How Do I Find What I Need?

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